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Glidden® Can Help

Whether you’re picking up a brush for the first time or you’ve been painting for years, if you have questions about your project, Glidden can help. Let our team take the guesswork out while helping you confidently create the look you desire.

Glidden powers, a team of bloggers from all walks of life to provide real world advice. The Colortopia team is all about making painting fun, easy and rewarding. Many of Glidden’s advice articles will come from this team as well as other Glidden sources.

What Painting Supplies Do I Need?
Every great work of art started with the right tools. Make sure to equip yourself properly to have a successful painting experience. 
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How to Fix Your Painting Mistakes
No matter how good you are, or how well you prepared, things can go wrong. All is not lost!
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How to Start and Finish Painting Over a Long Weekend
We'll show you how to turn those paint dreams into color realities in no time with some simple and useful tips. 
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How To Prepare Your Walls For Painting
Before you dive into that first fresh coat of paint, be sure to prep properly. 
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How To Finish Your Painting Project Right
A few simple steps after the painting is over will save you lots of time and aggravation down the road.
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How To Create a Mood with Paint Colors
You have control over the feel of your home. Create the right mood by selecting the right colors. 
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How To Decorate Your Dining Room For The Holiday
Enjoy our favorite ways to add polish and sparkle to your dining room for this season. 
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Brush Buzz - How to select a shade of white paint
Brush Buzz with Jill and Amy - How to select a shade of white paint.
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Brush Buzz - How to jazz up a room with a single paint project
Brush Buzz with Jill and Amy - How to jazz up a room with a single painting project.
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Stefanie Schiada
Nicole Balch