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Glidden® Can Help

Whether you’re picking up a brush for the first time or you’ve been painting for years, if you have questions about your project, Glidden can help. Let our team take the guesswork out while helping you confidently create the look you desire.

Glidden powers, a team of bloggers from all walks of life to provide real world advice. The Colortopia team is all about making painting fun, easy and rewarding. Many of Glidden’s advice articles will come from this team as well as other Glidden sources.

It's Just Paint

Choosing a wall color can be an unnecessarily stressful ordeal. Often times, people are drawn to a specific color for their walls, but then they start asking themselves questions.

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Designing A Kitchen From Scratch - Kitchen Colors

Sometimes having no constraints can create the hardest choices of all. That was certainly the case when selecting color for my kitchen renovation, mostly because we started at a rather unusual point

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A Neutral Chameleon of a Bedroom - Neutral Bedroom Color Tips

Our bedroom was a sort of dingy off-white when my husband and I moved into our home. I knew I wanted to paint, but I like the idea of a neutral bedroom (so that I can change it up with different bedding and curtains), so I chose a creamy tau...

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Choosing a Color Palette for my Bedroom - Color Ideas For Bedrooms
While it seemed to take ages to get my master bedroom looking presentable, the wall color was one of the easier choices for me. I knew I wanted something soft and soothing but not beige, white or pastel.
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Color Palettes Inspired by Surroundings - Paint Color Tips

Have you ever painted your walls a color you thought you loved, but once the room was all done it felt unsettled and “off” somehow?

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Boy's Bedroom: Color and Storage! - Kid's Bedroom Colors

When our son turned five, it was time to transform his plain toddler room into a space for a bigger boy, filled with inspiring color, storage options, and room for his imagination to grow.

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A Budget Bathroom Makeover - Bathroom Paint Colors

When my husband and I bought our house, we thought we’d redo the bathroom right away. It was an odd design mishmash of blue fixtures from the sixties and a bad tiling job from the seventies.

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A New Mood for My Powder Room - Bathroom Colors
When we first moved into our house three years ago, I really wanted to personalize it by moving away from the flesh-colored walls the builder chose.
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Making Over My Parlor Bathroom - Bathroom Color Ideas
It didn’t take more than a few minutes of standing in my original parlor bathroom to know this was going to be the most dramatic room transformation in the house. It could have easily doubled for a horror movie set!
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Stefanie Schiada
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