Glidden® Performance Edge™ 3 IN 1™ Fill + Prime + Paint

Get the Job Done RIGHT Faster

Before Adding Interior Paint, After Adding Interior Paint, Excellent Primer Capabilities

Fill nail holes (1), dings (2) and hairline cracks (3) without any additional products

Excellent primer capability covers scuffs and dark colors

Glidden® Performance Edge™ 3 In 1™ Fill + Prime + Paint

Painting just got three times easier! Breeze through prep work, skip the primer and start enjoying your painted walls faster with Glidden Performance Edge 3 IN 1. This groundbreaking formula is the one and only paint that can actually fill minor surface imperfections, like small nail holes and hairline cracks, and then prime and paint in a single coat!* Unlike spackle, Glidden Performance Edge interior paint colors make filled cracks and holes virtually invisible.

Glidden Performance Edge 3 IN 1 is changing the way people paint their spaces. Available in 282 interior paint colors and three sheens, it's the simplest possible way to get going.

*Limited shades of yellow, orange, pink and red interior paint colors may require multiple coats.

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How To Use Glidden Performance Edge

When you open the can, you'll notice that Glidden Performance Edge 3 IN 1 has a very thick consistency. However, these interior paint colors are very easy to use and provide excellent coverage with virtually no spatters or drips.

Because Glidden Performance Edge 3 IN 1 has a unique formula, it requires a slightly different application technique.

For best results, please see the complete details in the video above.

Fill Imperfections With A Paper Towel

Trade The Putty Knife For A Paper Towel

  • 1. Fold a single paper towel in half four times, creating a small square. Using a paper towel helps it seal minor surface imperfections.
  • 2. Lightly dip one corner of the paper towel into the Glidden Performance Edge interior paint.
Dab Interior Paint Onto Holes Wipe Excess Interior Paint Off

Smooth Glidden Performance Edge
Over Surface Imperfections

  • 3. Smear the paint over each nail hole, scratch and hairline crack with one quick dab. Make sure the imperfection is completely covered over. It's okay if there is excess paint around it.
  • 4. Using the clean side of the folded paper towel, immediately wipe back over the wet area with gentle pressure to remove the excess paint. Be sure to leave a thin film that covers the hole or crack and a little of the area around it.
  • The imperfection should be sealed and fairly flush to the wall. The interior paint applied to the hole or crack may begin to bulge out slightly at first. Don't worry; it will shrink and flatten as it dries. Wait about 45 minutes before painting over the filled crack or hole.
Apply Interior Paint With A Roller; Enjoy Your New Interior Paint

Get Ready To Roll

  • 5. For best results, it's important to properly "condition" the roller. Pour the interior paint colors into the roller pan and then slide the roller back and forth over the ridges at the bottom of the pan. Repeat this back-and-forth conditioning 20 times to ensure that the roller is fully saturated before you begin applying the interior paint.
  • 6. Once you've conditioned the roller, you are ready to paint. When needed, just add more paint to the roller with a couple of rolls in the paint tray.

Finish Up Faster

  • 7. Walls painted with Glidden Performance Edge 3 IN 1 will dry to the touch in just 30 minutes! That's much faster than traditional paint — so you can start enjoying your beautiful room sooner!