Easy To Use. Hard To Beat.

low-maintenance paint from Glidden

Glidden® Paint offers high-quality products formulated to help you deliver professional results every time. Glidden paint products are also backed by a full array of services to help make your jobs easier. Whatever it is you're working on, whether it's new construction, remodeling, or a maintenance paint job, Glidden Paint can help. Every product is designed to meet the needs of contractors and painting professionals.

From Glidden Premium paint to primers and ceiling paints, and from floor coatings to special order products, here's what you can expect from every single Glidden paint bucket and can:

Excellent Flow and Leveling— Glidden paint from The Home Depot goes on smooth regardless of the color or surface you need to cover.

Great Hide— You can be confident you'll achieve a professional-looking finish.

Versatility— Glidden paints deliver impressive results whether applied by brush, roller or sprayer.

Durability— Glidden paints are formulated to resist chipping and peeling, requiring little maintenance. Paint with confidence that your hard work will last.

Burnish Resistance— Even after repeated contact in high-traffic areas, Glidden paint resists glossy spots. So your projects — and your reputation — stay looking good.