Gripper® Primer Grey for new or property management and maintenance paint jobs

Gripper® Primer – Grey

You already know that your primer is the key to a great-looking topcoat, and Glidden® Paint offers the right one for any new construction, property management or maintenance paint job. For unbeatable adhesion and a vivid topcoat color in fewer coats, choose quick-drying Gripper Grey latex primer and sealer. On top of all the other benefits of primer, it saves you time and money by limiting the number of topcoats needed to make dark or vivid colors look the way you and your clients expect.

You can even have Gripper Grey primer tinted to one of nine shades of grey depending on what color you plan to paint over it.

When you plan to use any bright or rich color as a topcoat, rely on Gripper Grey primer to:

  • Ensure a more vivid top coat in fewer coats
  • Adhere to and cover hard-to-stick surfaces thoroughly
  • Seal off stains
  • Provide a mildew-resistant layer
  • Make topcoat colors look more accurate
  • Resist cracking and peeling when used over wood
  • Fill surface imperfections like hairline cracks for a uniform painting surface

You can apply Gripper Grey primer on a wide range of painted or unpainted surfaces, including tile, wallpaper, paneling, plastic and wood laminates, drywall and plaster.

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