Glidden Premium contractor paint

Glidden® Premium Interior/Exterior Paint – High-Gloss

To enhance your reputation as a high-quality contractor, paint with high-quality Glidden Premium paint, and achieve truly professional results both inside and out. In addition to outstanding coverage and a highly durable finish, Glidden Premium interior/exterior paint offers superior flow and leveling, plus excellent hide in any color. The Glidden Premium paint formula is easy to apply, and professional results are guaranteed. This line of paints is also:

  • Low-odor, so your jobs are back in service sooner
  • Low-VOC, so they're better for you, your clients and the environment

Glidden Premium interior/exterior paint with a high-gloss sheen offers all these benefits plus a shiny, reflective appearance. It also resists chipping and scuffing, so your job will look good long after you're done, even in high-traffic areas. Indoors, they're ideal for trim, doors, cabinets and furniture. Outdoors, they're well-suited for shutters, doors and railings.

5 gallon paint coverage: 1,500 to 2000 square feet

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  • 1 Quart
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