Share the Workload.

Glidden® Paint understands that, as a contractor, painting projects are often about more than just the paint — especially when you're working on multiple jobs. There's no way around the need for planning and paperwork, but your Glidden Paint Rep can provide you with tools and services that help simplify your job.

the business side of contractor painting
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Managing the Details

Bid Proposals

Often the hardest part of a contractor painting job is getting it in the first place. Secure more jobs more easily by letting your Glidden Paint Rep help. Just supply the project details, and he or she can provide you with the specs, plus a professional cover letter, recommended product information and descriptions, data sheets and MSDS. So you can focus on actually doing the jobs.

Project Planning

When handling multiple projects, keeping track of the details can be time-consuming and confusing. It's a problem faced by almost every contractor. Painting jobs don't have to be that way, though. Let your Glidden Paint Rep help. With the Glidden Paint Planned Painting Tool you can keep track of which products you used on which job, and which supplies you need to replenish for future projects. It can also help you create a maintenance schedule and punch list for repeat jobs.

Warranty Management

Working with a Glidden Paint Rep means that certain projects can be backed by Glidden Paint in writing, which supports your credibility as a contractor. Painting jobs become easier to get and are better received when their quality is guaranteed. Your Glidden Paint rep can help you determine which projects might qualify.