The Best Black Paint Colors - Home Decorating & Painting Advice

The Best Black Paint Colors

This Black Paint Color Works Like Magic

Work a little magic on your space and get a timeless look that’ll last with Glidden’s most popular black paint: Black Magic. A versatile color that can bring a little drama to any room without looking like you’re going through your goth phase… again.


Don’t know where to start?

Just paint one wall in your space with this bold statement color and — Abra Kadabra! Your room will look like it’s about to go to a fancy dinner party followed by late-night karaoke. It’s magic. Black magic.

Image Header: Make décor pop with a black accent wall. 

The bold look of a black accent wall brings out the color in your furniture and goes with everything. All that magic with the effort of painting only one wall.

Image Header: Perfect for Small Spaces.

Black paint opens up smalls rooms by smoothing out the harder corners in the room and giving the illusion (get it) of more space.

Image Header: Substitute White with Black on the Trim and Molding.

Add definition to an airy space with little effort by painting your trim and molding in Black Magic

You Have to See It to Believe it

Don’t procrastipaint. Try our Room Visualizer to see what this magical paint color will look like on your walls.
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