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Painting to Sell: The Right Color Can Make Your Property Move

94% of real estate agents recommend sellers apply a fresh coat of paint before listing their home for sale.

When it comes to putting a house up for sale, homeowners are always looking for ways to boost the value of their property. But, besides kitchen and bathroom updates, decluttering room by room and cleaning up the landscaping, one improvement that sellers often overlook is repaiting. It turns out a fresh coat of paint in the right color can directly impact the sale of a home in terms of time on market and selling price. 

Our tool can help you avoid the "inspiration loop" fueled by HGTV, Pinterest and the hot design blog of the month, and guide you towards picking a hard-working color that is proven by our data to have mass appeal. After all, selling a house is a numbers game, and by casting a wider net you increase your odds at starting a bidding war. 

Discover Atlanta's Top Colors

Scroll through the gallery below to see the hottest-selling colors in the Hollywood of the South.

Antique White

This popular white can be used as a trim for many colors. Apply light verigated woods to add dimension into a room.

Granite Grey

A mid-tone grey that is the perfect backdrop for any interior or exterior project. Add your own personality by pairing it with your favorite color.

Pebble Grey

A subtle cool grey adds an air of sophistication to any room. For a sophisticated look, pair it with a clean white and black.

Deep Onyx

A classic, deep rich black which works equally well as a main color or as an accent for your project. It pairs well with any color and substrate.

Warm Caramel

A graceful warm gold is pleasant for a living room. Dark wood selections as well as earth toned reds and greens harmonize this space.

Universal Grey

This lighter cool grey creates a transitional style to your interior. Coordinates well with the deeper charcoals or pops of color.

Seal Grey

A calming grey adds depth to your interior. For a subtle look, coordinate with other light neutrals or whites.


This is a perfect trim color. It can also be applied to all main interior walls.

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How Much Paint Do You Need?

Wall 1



How To Use

Using the calculator above is quick and easy. Follow these steps, calculate your quantity, and then confidently buy the right amount paint for your painting project.

Determine the right amount of paint for your project

  1. Measure the height and width of every wall or surface you wish to paint
  2. Use our "Add a Wall" feature to match the number of surfaces in the calculation to your       number of measured surfaces
  3. Fill in the open boxes of each row (Wall 1...Wall 2...etc) with your measurements
  4. Enter the total number of windows and doors respectively
  5. Press the Calculate button

You will then have the option of selecting the number of coats you wish to apply. Some jobs, like covering older surfaces or walls previously painted with bright colors, require extra coats. Be sure to select the number of coats that applies to your project. Once calculated, you can move forward with your painting project! "How much paint do I need?" Now you know. 

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