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Meet the Glidden Prep Squad!

Getting started is the hardest part about painting. There’s even a word for it: Procrastipainting

In one weekend, and in one super cool car, Mike, Sofia, and the team helped four different homeowners prep their spaces and overcome their excuses to start their painting projects. 

Amy’s Kitchen

Amy is a travel writer who loves spending time in her kitchen with her family. Unfortunately, she’s been procrastipainting for 2 years and needed some extra help to get rolling.  

Kate’s Living Room

Kate hates cutting corners so much she doesn’t even paint them. That’s why she’s been procrastipainting for the last 9 months and needed the Glidden Prep Squad to help her push her roller to the edge. 

Genevieve’s Big Girl Room

Melissa promised her little girl a big-girl room 3 years ago but never got around to painting it—a common sign of procrastipainting. We went in and prepped so she can get the job started and give her little girl a big-girl room before she’s a full-grown adult.

Georgeann’s Office

Val’s mom, Georgeann, has wanted to spruce up her office for 3 years. She even bought a chair as her inspiration piece but it was just somewhere to sit while she procrastipainted. Until the Glidden Prep Squad came to her home and got her rolling.

Disclaimer: The Glidden Prep Squad are real actors who are really good at prepping.

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