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4 Weekend-Sized Paint Projects To Increase Home Value

Projects that make big impacts on the look and value of your home don't need to feel like huge endeavors. We pulled together 4 great DIY paint projects that will deliver great results in a fraction of the time. Finish these projects in the same weekend you start them. 

Make a Great Entrance

The front door completes your home's look. The added touch of style acts as your personal stamp and reveals your personality. Whether the statement you want to make is simple & minimal or elaborate & expressive, there is no better place to make an impact to the look of your home than your front door.

Emphasize Your Best Features

Shutters and trim are vital components for helping your exterior stand out. Making the right choices will ensure you'll be satisfied with your work for years to come. Shutters and trim are ideal accents that draw attention to your home, and they help emphasize the architectural elements you want to stand out.

Maximize Your Outdoor Enjoyment

Your porch and deck are great places to relax, entertain friends and neighbors, and even enjoy meals. There’s a lot you can do to enhance your outdoor spaces with stain or paint to make them even more welcoming places for you to spend your time.

Park in Style

With a little investment of time & money, your garage door can quickly turn into an area of beauty that accentuates your home's style and your own personality. Don't let your garage door be an afterthought. On many homes, it is one of the most significant parts of the front appearance.

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