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A Less Pink, Bigger Girl's Room

DIY Blogger Ana White of Ana-White.com shows Glidden® how white goes with everything… even your little girl’s, big girl room.

Girl's Room Painting Ideas

Why, you ask, would we ever paint Grace’s beautiful pink room?

There were two reasons.

1. The room was so carefully color-matched to the quilt, the color palette so defined and limited, that any toys left out or accessories added to the room did not “go.” And in our tiny house, every room must be very functional, first and foremost.
2. I loved the pink walls. But my daughter, now five and starting school, decided the room was too babyish for her. She wanted something simple and a little more big-girl.
The room is 8 feet by 8 feet with a small closet. To make the room appear larger, we added a moulding strip—just a pine board painted white—about 5½ feet up. This made the walls appear shorter and wider, bringing the ceiling line downward.

Girl's Room Painting Ideas
We love the moulding and decided to definitely keep it. But the walls were in bad shape and it was time to paint them!
After much consideration and thought, I surprised myself with a very bold choice for me: off white.
There is no color more airy and free than white. With white walls, the artwork and furniture could stand out, and everything would “go.” We were going for a look reminiscent of a summer camp, full of functionality and simple charm, and white walls would be the right foundation for this room.

Girl's Room Painting Ideas
I taped off all the walls, protecting the wood doors and trim, and the white moulding.

We chose Glidden’s Cow's Milk. It had just the right amount of tint, would contrast well with the white moulding, and provide a soothing backdrop for colorful toys and accessories.

Girl's Room Painting Ideas

I was more nervous painting the white on than I had been painting the pink on! I felt almost daring, covering up the bright pink with the white.

Girl's Room Painting Ideas
And scared when the white looked like it took on a greenish glow from the tape.

Girl's Room Painting Ideas
But when done, I was so happy with how light and airy the room felt with the new paint. We loved Cow's Milk.

Girl's Room Painting Ideas
But we all did miss the pink a little. So I choose a soft vintage pink to paint a mini media wall that I had built for the space.

Girl's Room Painting Ideas

And distressed the edges with a chocolate glaze to add vintage charm to the piece.

Girl's Room Painting Ideas

I added the piece to the room under a warm medium-brown stained loft bed. The first test came when the woodland print chairs arrived in a different shade of pink than the media wall. With the white walls, anything and everything goes and looks great—especially the children playing!

When you think of a child’s room, don’t limit yourself to pink, blue, green, yellow or purple. All lovely colors, indeed—but consider a just-right shade of off-white as well!

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