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Add A Black Shiplap Accent Wall To Your Home

Are you considering painting a black accent wall color in your home? Ten years ago, the idea of painting a room black might have sounded crazy. However, black is the new neutral these days and it’s a great way of bringing a bold pop of color into your home. In fact our 2018 Color Of The Year is a rich dark tone called Black Magic.

We recommend combining the black color trend with another design trend: Shiplap. Shiplap is easy to install and just as easy to paint. We’re going to give you a how-to guide on painting a black shiplap accent wall. You’ll be the envy of all of your friends.

How To Use Black As An Accent Color

Painting a black accent wall in your home is a modern, trendy way to add a bold look to your home. Black paint colors can make colorful art really pop when it’s hung on your wall. 

When choosing which wall to paint, try and choose a wall in a room that receives a lot of natural light. This will help the black to stand out, and also keep the room from feeling too closed in. It’s best to choose light or colorful furniture and accents to contrast the black paint colors. 

What Is Shiplap And How Do I Install It?

If you are not already familiar with shiplap, it is an extremely popular wall-type made of uniquely grooved lumber layered board over board to create a rustic look. It is commonly found in older homes west of the Mississippi and in Texas and was recently made popular by famous TV interior designers.

If you’re looking to install shiplap before you paint, choose a room that not only gets great natural light, but also could use that texture accent. Shiplap creates great texture with the long lines. Pick a room that tends to be less cluttered and busy. If you have a pre-existing shiplap wall in your home, lucky you! Shiplap is beautiful and timeless, yet rare to find in many homes these days. If you want to install a shiplap wall yourself, it is a rather easy job even for the least experienced DIYer.

You can easily source affordable pine lumber from your local hardware or home remodeling store and have it cut with the right grooves for installation as an accent or feature wall in your home. For an even more rustic farmhouse look choose boards that have had a bit of wear and tear or pine that has an abundance of knot holes. Now that you've installed your shiplap wall, it is time to paint.

How to Paint a Shiplap Wall

Painting a shiplap wall black is a great way to add a modern contrast to the timeless look of the shiplap. We recommend using a paint & primer in one to allow for the best adherence to the shiplap. Apply one coat of the paint and allow it to dry. Once the shiplap doesn’t feel sticky or tacky to the touch, you can apply another coat of the black paint color. 

When applying the paint, be sure to move slowly. Painting a room black produces great results if the paint is applied evenly. If you paint too quickly, it won’t coat the wall properly. After applying the first coat of black paint, allow it to dry before applying a second coat. 

How To Decorate Around A Shiplap Wall

The secret to a shiplap wall is highlighting its beautiful, timeless simplicity. If you choose to hang artwork, be sure it is bold and will contrast with the black wall color. Beyond that, you’re really free to decorate any way you choose! Keep in mind that the bold, modern look lends itself best to clean lines and clutter-free decorating. Less is always more, so keep this in mind as you’re choosing patterns and accents to decorate the room with. If you have curtains on the other walls in the room, consider a shade of white paint to contrast with the black wall.

If you’re looking for a bold, unique way to make your wall stand out, using black paint colors can be a really great way to do so. Don’t be afraid to go bold and capitalize on black being a new neutral. You’ll instantly create style and appeal that makes you stand out. For a great bold black that would look perfect in your home, check out our 2018 Color Of The Year, Black Magic.

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