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Announcing Pin to Paint

We’ve all been there. You’re on Pinterest looking for motivation to start that long-overdue painting project when, boom, you find a room that you absolutely need. to. have. But even though your room inspiration is just a click away, now you have to muster the motivation to find a paint color to match your project. Or do you?

Meet your painting project hero, Pin to Paint, Glidden’s color matching tool that plugs into Pinterest. In just three easy steps, Pin to Paint matches your favorite pins to your new favorite colors. Once you’ve signed in with Pinterest, simply choose a board, select a pin and then view your color results.

How does it work?

No download required, Pin to Paint runs right from a mobile or desktop browser. Our tool takes colors from your chosen pin and matches them with Glidden paint colors, pulling out six custom swatches. We connect to your Pinterest account to use your boards and saved pins, making it easier than ever to get straight to the colors you’ve been searching for.

Hey, that actually sounds like something I would use. Then what?

Once you have your six color matches, you can click each one for more images and options, including a product selector that can have you purchasing your ideal paint and color within minutes. You can also favorite each color or even pin the results to save them for later. Last but not least, you can start again with a new pin to get even more matches (or just because it’s kind of fun).

Try it out for yourself and turn your favorite pins into the next favorite room in your home. 

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