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Color Palettes Inspired by Surroundings - Paint Color Tips

DIY Blogger Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room tells Glidden® how your surrounding environment can inspire your project and your palette.

Have you ever painted your walls a paint color you thought you loved, but once the room was all done it felt unsettled and “off” somehow? That happens quite often when we select colors based simply on our personal color preferences, a current trend, a random piece of fabric, or a picture of someone else’s house. While we may love the color on a chip or in a blogger’s home across the country, there is no guarantee that color is going to translate well into our own home.

So how do we select a palette that will work for us?

One of the most important factors to consider when you’re choosing colors for your home is what you already have — existing features, finishes, woodwork and flooring. If your wall color doesn’t do much for your existing architecture, you should try another shade. It is pretty amazing how you can even make tired-looking counters, boring architecture, or dated tile and flooring look better by simply selecting a paint color that pulls it all together and brings out the best!

Another element to consider is your geographical location and environmental surroundings. The climate and terrain can be quite different in various parts of the country. Those differences in lighting, mood and texture can make a color palette come alive in one home and feel completely out of place in another part of the country. By taking into consideration what colors and moods surround your home on the outside, you can more effectively make beautiful color choices on the inside.

For example, my parents have a beach house on the Oregon coast. If you have ever been to the Oregon coast, you know that it is unlike any other coast! It is gorgeous, but definitely not the same feel as the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, or San Diego.


When designing the remodel for this beach house, my mom took her cues from the more subdued blues, greens and grays of the rugged coast outside her door.


By selecting a color palette, textures and materials that felt harmonious with the surroundings and that complemented her beautiful natural woodwork, she turned her home into a peaceful retreat.


Do you ever think about your geographical surroundings or existing woodwork and finishes when selecting paint colors? It can make a real impact on how your home feels!

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