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Designing Your Kitchen From Scratch

DIY Blogger Stefanie Schiada of Brooklyn Limestone tells Glidden® how you can bring your room to life using a palette of whites.

Sometimes having no constraints can create the hardest choices of all. That was certainly the case when selecting a paint color for my kitchen renovation, mostly because we started at a rather unusual point. Instead of renovating an existing kitchen, we opted to change the layout of our house and replace a small bedroom with an open kitchen. A definite challenge to the imagination!


Kitchen Colors

After making all of the decisions on layout, cabinetry, plumbing, and more, it was time to select a color scheme. I selected off-white cabinetry and dark gray soapstone countertops, but what about the walls? I wrestled a bit with the idea of using a contrasting gray on the walls to give it a more modern feel before finally deciding to go with various shades of off-white all over. 

I never wanted to match the cabinets exactly, but rather, create a very subtle texture by using several different shades of white—a flat pure white paint color on the ceiling, a buttery cream for the window molding and a flat snow color for the walls to complement the buttermilk color of the cabinets. Since this room is short on space, the mixing of the whites is subtle but works to keep the eye moving around the room. 


Finally the kitchen was done and we were all moved in—I just needed a few final touches to make the room pop. I spray painted a few affordable industrial stools in my favorite shade of aqua blue before calling this room finished. 

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