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Dining Room Ideas - Great Dining Room Colors For Your Home

You realize that your dining room needs a makeover, and the first step is to paint the walls an interesting and unique dining room color. You want to move beyond the mundane ivory, off-white, and taupe shades that you have always depended on and become a little more adventurous with your color choices.

Dining Room Color - Dark Teal

This is an intense and stimulating shade of Caribbean Splash or Deep Emerald that can make you take a step back when your enter the area. The deep rich tones look fantastic with black dining room furniture and black and white accents. The dark color can also be offset with aqua accessories such as linens, lamp shades, and bits of this lighter color in a floor rug or painting. Black and white photography prints with black or clear frames will look especially dramatic on these walls.

Dining Room Paint Colors

Dining Room Color - Deep Red

The color red is not for the timid decorator. If you have a larger-than-life personality and a zest for the unexpected, a tone of Brick DustAutumn Ridge, or Burning Bush may be perfect for this room in your house. This striking color is especially effective if you have a Moroccan or Oriental decorating scheme. Dark furniture will stand out against this fiery backdrop and the room will be filled with boundless energy. White or off-white trim will make the room pop.

Dining Room Color - Moss Green

This is a perfect dining room color for the more traditional decorator. This soothing tone of Day Dream will look exceptionally well with medium walnut or oak dining sets. Add accessories of light yellow, peach, or chocolate brown for a classic touch.
Consider a brighter green such as a Slap Happy or Boogie Blast for a more modern appeal. Add yellow, burnt orange, bright yellow, or gold accents for a dramatic look. Modern white or a light wood furniture would look truly impressive against these walls.

Dining Room Color - Pale Gold

This is a color that would look great throughout your entire home. Forsythia Blossom is elegant, subtle, and matches so many different wood finishes and trims. It looks fantastic with traditional furnishings and accessories and gold or brass light fixtures. It is soothing, subtle, and so easy on the eye. Small touches of burgundy, brown, or dark green will make this room come alive.

Dining Room Paint Colors

Dining Room Color - Pale Gray

This is one of the newest and most popular dining room colors in the paint aisle right now. Choose from shades such as Arctic CottonSilver Feather, or Pegasus. It looks equally stunning with modern or traditional furniture and art. Accessory colors such as a dark gray, red, black, yellow, or white will complement the beautiful wall tones. This color may be a newcomer, but plan on it being around for a very long time.
Choosing dining room colors for this particular room does not have to be difficult. Just take the time to test the color you select on your walls before making a final choice. Keep in mind the colors that are already present in the room in the furniture, rugs, lighting, flooring, draperies, and upholstery. Make sure that the color you choose also matches and blends well with the paint shades in the adjoining areas. 

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