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Dining Room Side Table Décor

DIY Blogger Michael Wurm Jr of Inspired by Charm tells Glidden® you don’t have to choose between functional and stylish — you can have both!

Let’s talk about decorative dining room side tables. This room can be a very active place, so coming up with functional, yet stylish side table decor, is a must. Over the years, I’ve been able to create a system that works well for me. Here are some ideas to get you started.


One area that I love in my dining room is the bar cart — a must-have piece if you like to entertain, and they’re available at most home decor stores since they came back in style. I was lucky to pick mine up at a local thrift shop for five dollars. It’s an old metal school cart that is both functional and decorative. It’s the perfect size for storing all of my bar essentials. Plus, I can throw in a few decorative items like books, a plant and other unique side table decor pieces that are easy to move around when I’m ready to entertain.


For a fresh take on a side table, my shelf and cupboard combination does the trick. Here, I made two shelves, using some brackets and boards that I painted white. These shelves allow me to display some of my side table decor items, along with nicer entertaining items like cake stands, pitchers and glassware.


The cupboard below is handy for hiding any dining room essentials that I don’t want to look at on a daily basis, giving me the flexibility to display my side table decor. To paint this piece, I chose a bold green (similar to Glidden paint’s Plumosa) for a pop of color against my dining room’s deep grey and white walls. The combination works beautifully. For a grey, try Improbable.


I also enjoy changing my side table decor seasonally. This past holiday season, I turned the area into a hot cocoa station for a warm and tasty treat that my guests absolutely loved.

These are just a few tips and tricks for how you can add stylish and functional decor to your dining room side tables. How do you decorate your dining room?

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