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Don't Panic! How To Paint Your Bathroom In Peace

Loved it on the chip in store, but now that you’re half way done with your project are you having second thoughts?  Blogger Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room tells Glidden® how she pushed through her color concerns and why she’s super happy she did.

Last year I decided I wanted to add a bolder punch of color in my home with wall paint. I usually keep my walls safe and neutral. However, I think it is fun to have an element of surprise, so I decided my son’s bathroom was the perfect place to add a pop of turquoise.


When I first put the color on the walls, I panicked! It was so bright I had visions of people running out to grab their sunglasses. I knew I liked the color, but I was afraid of how the room as a whole would turn out with turquoise walls. What if I didn’t like it?

I almost turned back.

It was a risk to move forward, but I decided to press through the fear because I really did want that color. I told myself this color is pretty and I like it—I just needed to find the right balance with other elements in the room. So I kept painting.

Every time I came to a point where I feared it wasn’t going to work, I simply asked myself why it wasn’t working and made an adjustment. For instance, I didn’t like the new wall color with the existing trim. But since I intended to repaint the trim anyway, I pressed ahead with the walls even though the pinkish tinge to my trim kept throwing me. Once I repainted the woodwork the right pure white, the room immediately started to feel better.

My next hurdle? Once I had the walls painted I felt like the room was a little choppy with the contrast between the wall and the ceiling. Instead of turning back and painting everything all neutral again, I painted the white ceiling turquoise to match the walls, eliminating the contrast of color between the wall and the ceiling. By adding MORE color, the room immediately appeared calmer, more unified and less choppy.

Another crisis averted!

Once the main bathroom was done, I had to decide what color to paint the small attached shower room. Had I continued on with more turquoise, I think I would have been unhappy. Too much of a good thing would be overkill. So to keep the balance of color I liked, I painted the shower room a soft gray like the rest of my house. It brought balance to the overall space and made the turquoise special, rather than overwhelming.

Finally, I cleaned up all the painting supplies and finished decorating the space with accessories. It is almost always hard to really evaluate a room when it is still in disarray from painting. Once the room was cleaned up and the right accessories in place, the room felt completed, balanced and pretty!

Sometimes I think when we paint a room, we try to judge it too early before we give the room a chance to evolve. We think we need to abandon the paint color when maybe all we need is a little accessory adjustment along the way. If you know you like the color, you might just need to take a deep breath and keep pressing onward to completion. In this case, I’m glad I did!

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