Glidden Brush Ups: Poor Hiding - Home Decorating & Painting Advice

Glidden Brush Ups: Poor Hiding

Q: What is Poor Hiding?

A: Failure of dried paint to obscure or hide the surface to which it is applied.  It may look something like this:


Q: How do I fix it?

A: Follow these suggestions:
  1. If the substrate is significantly darker, it should be primed before applying a top coat.
  2. Use a top-quality paint for better hiding and flow.
  3. In high-traffic areas, use premium latex interior paint.
  4. Use quality tools. Especially use the recommended roller nap, if rolling.
  5. Follow manufacturer's recommendation on spread rate.
  6. If using tinted paint, use the correct tinting base.
  7. Where a low-hiding dark or bright color will be used, apply a primer first.

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