Glidden Brush Ups: Roller Marks - Home Decorating & Painting Advice

Glidden Brush Ups: Roller Marks

What is Roller Marks?

Unintentional textured pattern left in the paint by the roller.  May look something like this:


How do I fix it?

Use the proper roller cover; avoid too long a nap for the paint and the substrate. Use a quality roller to ensure adequate film thickness and uniformity. High-quality paints tend to roll on more evenly due to their higher solids content and leveling properties. Pre-dampen roller covers used with latex paint; shake out excess water. Don't let paint build up on the roller end. Avoid overspreading or trying to stretch the paint too far with every roller load. Begin rolling at a corner near the ceiling and work down the wall in three-foot square sections. Spread the paint in a zigzag "M" or "W" pattern, beginning with an upward stroke to minimize spatter; then, without lifting the roller from the surface, fill in the zigzag pattern with even, parallel strokes.

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