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How To Paint A Bathroom The Easy Way

If you want to know how to how to paint a bathroom, the use of bright color is an ideal way to achieve a clean, bright look. However, you need to select a paint that is water-resistant and durable as the bathroom areas are always damp. Choosing the right tools and paint quality and color will give you good results. You also need to ensure other surfaces are protected from the paint.

Tools Needed

Painters Brush
It is impossible to achieve great bathroom paint results without having a painter’s brush. It has bristles that are ideal for reaching tight corners and along edges. You want your bathroom wall and ceiling to have a uniform painting that has no defects then ensure you invest in a quality paint brush. Find one with a short handle that is comfortable to hold like a pencil.
Paint Roller
A roller is convenient to use on large surfaces. It can cover a wide area in minutes. Additionally, it gives out a uniform painting along the walls and ceilings. Just make sure you don't put too much paint on the roller and keep a close eye on your strokes to make sure the paint is distributed evenly.

Painter's Tape
If you want perfect results to ensure you use a painter's tape in your job. Tape off along windows, doorways, and ceilings to prevent paint from splattering to areas that you don't intend to paint. The tape ensures that you stick to the walls and your painting is uniform.

Glidden® One Coat Interior Paint + Primer 
can help you complete your painting project in less time. It has exceptional hide and stain block, which means you need fewer coats to hide your common stains and make your walls beautiful. It has excellent scrubbability so it can stand up to frequent cleanings. With over 300 popular colors, you're sure to find the right one for your project. 

Paint Prep

Prepare your bathroom walls for painting. The first step is by cleaning your bathroom walls to remove any dust and debris that may prevent proper painting. If you paint along with a dusty wall, the paint will wear off quickly and will not look presentable.

Additionally, ensure that your bathroom walls are clear. You should remove all portable equipment on your wall such as towel racks, wall art, among others. Consequently, ensure that you cover all your non-painted surfaces using drop cloths. 

Let's Paint

Tape along all edges to prevent damaging your woodwork or ceilings with paint. Start by painting along the edges with your brush and then proceed to larger surfaces using the roller. After painting the first layer of paint, you can add another coat of paint to make sure it lasts. When you're done painting, remove the tape carefully while the paint is still wet and leave the color to dry.

Final Thoughts

Painting in small spaces can be hectic if you don't apply the right paint my bathroom tools and equipment. Using a brush, tape, and roller ensure you achieve a uniform job. Your color selection is determined by your taste and paint colors incorporated in other rooms. However, bright colors are ideal in bathrooms. Ensure that the bathroom paint you select is water-repellent, durable, and easy to clean and maintain.


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