How To Paint - A Bedroom Guide - Home Decorating & Painting Advice

How To Paint - A Bedroom Guide

Achieving a uniform and clean paint job in your bedroom is achievable with the right equipment and paint. Warm colors such as pink, orange, red, among others express comfort in your bedroom. If you select cool colors such as green or blue, you aim to achieve serenity in your bedroom.

Choose the Right Paint Color

It is essential to choose a color that suits your décor and personal style. White paint colors with a yellow undertone compliment warm colors while a white shade with blue undertones compliments cool colors.

Prep Your Room

The first step while preparing to paint your bedroom is to ensure that your bedroom walls are clear and clean. You can clean your wall using a towel soaked in a diluted solution. Remove any wall hangings and switch plates that can interfere with your painting. Additionally, you can move your furniture from the walls to the center of the room to prevent paint splattering on them. Before embarking on any painting, you need to ensure that all cracks and holes on your wall are filled and the wall is smooth.

The Right Tools And The Right Paint 

The secret to a fresh-looking room is ensuring you have the right tools and color. You need to have a painter's brush, roller and tape to make the painting process convenient. A painter's brush is very significant in the painting process. It ensures that you can paint along edges and tight corners.

A roller can maneuver through large surfaces in minutes. It ensures that your wall achieves uniformity while painting. Tape is something you cannot miss in your painting supply list if you want perfect results. The tape is used to cover areas such as ceilings, windows or doorways from the paint. You should also ensure that you cover your equipment and floor with drop cloths or newspapers to prevent paint from damaging them.

Let's Paint

If you want to achieve a uniform painting in your bedroom consider starting from the edges using a painter’s brush and then to the large surfaces using the roller. If your bedroom has limited space invest in a mini roller which is easy to navigate on the confined space.

After finishing painting your room, you can carefully remove your tape before it sticks on the wall. Leave the paint to dry for sometime before re-occupying your bedroom. If you notice that the painting on your wall is not thick enough, you need to perform some touchups or add another coat to achieve desirable results. 

Enjoy Your Space 

Bedroom renovation is essential to ensure that your room is comfortable. For proper renewal, you need to ensure that you incorporate fresh paint to make your room feel relaxing. However, you need to select a bedroom paint color that compliments the other places and most importantly your taste. For better results, you can buy sample shades to determine which paint color is suitable for your bedroom. Probably something that compliments the theme of your bedroom would make the room have a fabulous look.

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