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How To Paint A Bedroom The Easy Way

Painting a bedroom can create a soothing and comforting atmosphere, taking a bland room and transforming it into a personal sanctuary. While the act of painting a room may come off as difficult at first glance, once you know how to paint and what tools you need, it can be a satisfying way to upgrade your living space.

Prepping and Planning

Knowing exactly how to paint a bedroom is half the battle. From the tiniest bedrooms to massive master suites, the skills remain the same. Preparation is key to any painting job. Begin the process by assembling the right tools. A tarp or drop cloth is important to have to protect your floors. Painter's tape is used for masking off areas, and lends itself to creating clean, sharp lines. A reasonably small angled brush and a narrow roller are worthwhile to have around to paint small or hard to maneuver in areas, and a wide roller assists in covering large areas with paint, without sacrificing time. 

Picking out your ideal bedroom paint colors is also something to put some serious thought into before making your final decision. Color can influence moods, so choose wisely, along the lines of what feeling you want to encourage in your bedroom. Your color choice is just as important as knowing how to paint a bedroom. If relaxation is what you seek, soft and cool blues and grays are the colors you need. If you need to get going in the morning with high energy, lean towards vibrant and warm corals, yellows and reds. Once you have your colors chosen and your tools assembled, it is time to begin painting.

Let's Paint

Start by carefully using the painters tape  to mask off any baseboards, air vents, door and window frames, and any other areas you do not want any paint on. A patient and thorough application of painters tape can save you from headaches down the line.

With your painters tape applied, a tarp at your feet and your tools and paint at the ready, the application process can begin. If a layer of primer paint is needed, this is the time to apply it. With your bedroom paint colors in your paint tray, begin by carefully painting a border of several inches out from your painters tape with a brush or small roller. This lessens the need to go close to the masked areas with your large roller, preventing accidental paint spots in unwanted areas.

Paint the remaining area of the wall from the top down, so any dripping due to gravity can be smoothed out with ease. Not knowing how to paint top down can lead to time consuming and annoying issues down the line. Cover walls one by one, remove your masking painters tape and allow the paint to dry completely.

Enjoy Your New Bedroom

It is important to save a small sample of your precise paint choice for later touch ups. Label paint cans with the room they are specifically used in and the color name to have easy access in the future. It can help to write the room and color name on your stir stick and keep it as well. This can make it easier to get the color matched later on if a fresh coat is needed.

With some patience, know how, and attention to detail, painting a bedroom can quickly and dramatically take a sleeping space to new heights.

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