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The Key to Remodeling a Bathroom on a Small Budget

How to Redo a Bathroom

The bathroom is often the most overlooked room in the house when it comes to remodeling because, after all, it's not where your most glamorous moments happen. Most people tend to focus on the master bedroom or the living room when remodeling because those are the rooms people see and use the most. However, making sure your bathroom is as nice as the rest of the home is important, too. The best way to inexpensively upgrade your bathroom is with a fresh coat of paint.

Choosing Color

The color you choose for the walls is particularly important because it will not only affect how big or small the room will look, but it will also influence the lighting and decorations you choose to use as well. Choosing dark colors will make the room look smaller. Also, dark colors absorb light, so you will find yourself having to add brighter lighting fixtures to your bathroom to accommodate for the dark color.

Stay away from using dark colors for paint and instead use cool, light grays and blues or warm neutrals, like Elusive Blue or Stargazer. These colors are best because they are light and make the room look bigger. They also reflect light, making the room look brighter. If you are determined to incorporate dark colors, like maroons or navys, you can use those colors in the decorations or towels to give your bathroom a creative and colorful flair.

Tips to Overcome the Challenges of Small Spaces

Painting small spaces is a little difficult because there is not a lot of space to move around, or use a full sized ladder. But learning how to redo a bathroom is not impossible. There are plenty of tools available to make your job easier.

  • Blue painter's tape is essential to have because it helps you keep the paint on the walls and off the trim and door frame.
  • A small paint roller gives you the best and most even paint coverage, especially when you use quality paint and a primer.
  • Use a short-handled brush to paint all the places where the roller missed. It's great for around outlets and light switches and for all those places that the roller can't get to.

Figuring out how to redo a bathroom is fairly simple once you know where to start. All the other accents and decorations will fall into place once you have the most important part decided. In fact, a bathroom is probably the easiest room to remodel on a small budget, and remains easy when you start with the foundation - the perfect paint color.

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