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Let's Talk Dining Room Colors

Tip from DIY Blogger Michael Wurm Jr of Inspired by Charm shares to Glidden®: how you plan to use a space can really help guide your color decision.


Today I want to discuss dining room paint colors. During the five years I’ve owned my home, I’ve changed my dining room color twice. I thought it would be fun to share my color journey and how I went about choosing my dining room paint colors.

As I’ve shown you here on, I started off with a sunny yellow / orange. The reason I chose this color was because I ran a Bed and Breakfast at the time, and my dining room mostly functioned as a breakfast room. This bright color made the room come alive and cheerfully greeted my guests each morning. As you are deciding on the color for your own dining room, think about how and when you will be using the space most often. Color can greatly affect the mood of a room.


After I closed my B&B, and with help from one of my favorite designers (Nate Berkus), I decided to tone down the wall color and add a little more sophistication. I also realized that this room wouldn’t be functioning so much as a place to enjoy breakfast, but rather as a space for entertaining anytime of the day.

A deep grey was suggested and made quite the change in my dining room. I only needed to edit a few accessories, and with a quick coat of paint, my dining room looked brand new. It’s amazing how a simple swap of color can really alter the appearance of a room.


So, when you are shopping for dining room paint colors, think not only about the colors you love, but also about how you want the space to look and function. I hope my dining room painting adventures will inspire you to try a new color in your own home. Happy Painting!

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