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Living Room Paint Schemes: A Fresh Modern Combination

DIY Blogger Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room gives Glidden® a great idea to use trim and paint to add visual interest and architectural accents to your room.


When trying to select new living room paint schemes for our home, we were looking for neutral and up-to-date colors. We were hoping for living room paint schemes that would be visually interesting and could easily flow from one room to the next.

Choosing the right living room colors was important because it is a room that’s connected to the kitchen, separated only by a beam and pillars, and sharing a connecting wall. We wanted our color scheme to feel cohesive and be a nice, neutral backdrop, but at the same time we didn’t want it to be boring.

One of the ways we were able to define the family living space and add architectural interest to the room was to try something a little unconventional. Because the ceiling in this room did not have any molding to separate it from the walls, we considered adding crown molding, but ended up with an easier plan to define the ceiling in a more dramatic way.

Since our ceilings were quite tall (around 9 feet), we decided to create a unique look for the room by adding trim molding all around the room, less than a foot down on the wall. We then painted the ceiling and the upper foot of the wall in the same color and the walls below the white trim in a different color. Adding trim on the wall was much easier for us than adding crown molding, so that was a bonus!

Normally you hear about painting a ceiling lighter than the walls to lighten the room up and make the ceiling appear taller. But in this case we took a risk and defined the room with a darker ceiling. 

Much to our delight, the effect is still a light room with tall ceilings, but overall, the room feels more cozy, architecturally interesting, fresh, and comfortable for a modern family space.

In our connecting kitchen we painted the ceiling Polished Limestone and the walls Polished Grey just like the family room walls. We love how the entire space turned out and how each room flows effortlessly to the next without being painted all the same color. The variation in paint colors gives the house a lot more character.

To create a similar effect with a neutral beige paint, you could try pretty greens or yellows and play with lighter and darker intensities of your favorite paint sample.

Have you ever taken a risk on a fun and unique paint scheme?

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