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Nursery Colors for Every Baby

Gone are the classic choices of baby blue or pastel pink paint for baby's nursery. Babies (and parents!) expect style right from the start, and 2017 is turning into an interesting year for color trends. Some classics are always in style when it comes to colors for a baby's room, but here are the newest looks in nursery paint colors and schemes. 

Monochromatic isn't a color per se, but it is an increasingly popular trend in nurseries. This theme works best with a color like gray, or yellow, using the same color in different intensities throughout the space. A real impact can be made if the furniture, rugs, and fabrics also match the chosen color. This harmonious play on the same color creates a relaxing and elegant take on a nursery where parents and babies will be happy to spend a lot of time.

Families who don't want to know the sex of their child before the birth are often referred to as "Team Green," but in 2017 team green has a whole new meaning! Green is poised to supply a significant trend in 2017, marking a great opportunity for your nursery. All shades of green can be splendid colors for a baby's room, but you should focus on what you'd like the overall atmosphere of the nursery to be. If restful and serene are your guidelines, then try May Apple. Consider your other furnishings. Perhaps the crib and glider have a lovely, natural wood color to them. A few touches of Brunswick could create a comforting, forest-like retreat for your little one. Plus, how cute would all those stuffed animals look in a woodland-themed room? 

Orange is another great unisex choice for nursery paint colors. Orange can seem too extreme for a child's room, but the trend of saturated, candy colors looks modern and stylish. These bright colors will also work well in your kid's room when they are a little bit older, unlike baby pink or pastel blue which appear primarily as colors for a young baby's nursery. An almost cartoonish orange color can be a fun and creative background to your nursery. This color goes especially well with white or modern styled furniture in a room with plenty of light. You can scale back this sweet hue by using a lighter orange color that leans more towards a Orange Marmalade, or you can use a strong orange like Cinnamon Stone with a graphic pattern such as large stripes, chevrons or an accent wall to lessen the impact of the orange. 

Finally, a true neutral such as a Willow Springs or a Candlelit Beige is a popular trend. The light, airy feeling these luminous colors lend to the room can be just the thing a tired parent needs to see in the morning. Of course, this doesn't mean that the room won't have any color, but it does allow you to focus on other interesting design elements, such as rugs and framed artwork. The upside is that these pieces can easily be swapped out as your child grows older. While it might be tempting to completely cover your baby's nursery walls with a mural, this isn't something that's likely to have a very long shelf life. Choosing a more versatile color from the beginning means you won't have to repaint until much later. 

No matter what you choose for your baby's nursery paint colors, remember that as new parents you'll be spending a lot of time in there. Ultimately you should pick something that you enjoy and find comfortable. It won't be long until you have a teenager wanting to paint the whole room themselves! 

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