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Show Off Your Shutters

Your shutters complete the look of your windows and keep your curb appeal high. If it’s time for a makeover, all you need is a sunny weekend and a little timeless, worldly inspiration.  

Choose the correct coating

Before you choose a new hue, remember that what you coat your shutters with depends on the material. If you’re working with wood shutters, select a stain for best results. If your shutters are vinyl, aluminum, or made of a composite material, pick paint.

Color me colonial

If you have a traditional or colonial-style home, use your shutters to play up the exterior’s colonial influences. While you can rarely go wrong with black shutters, beautiful bursts of color can add a formal and classic touch that will make your house the neighborhood standout. Colors like Amsterdam and Midnight Blue complement a variety of home colors, from whites and grays to creams and tans. Colors like Copper Henna and Bubinga are also winning shades for cream and tan exteriors.

Fasten vintage-inspired metal or vinyl hinges and S-hook shutter dogs for some extra colonial flair.

Fashion a French Quarter look

If you happen to have a bright and bold home exterior, vibrant colors that create contrast are king. Draw inspiration from the color palettes of New Orleans and the French Quarter. Copper Verde is a delightfully daring choice for shutters on a coral pink home, while Shipmate Blue or Temple Green add whimsy to homes that are coral, yellow, white, or even navy.

Make Mediterranean magic

Captivated by the warmth and charm of the Mediterranean? Let the sea serve as your inspiration. Stain shutters blue to go with a warm tan or rustic yellow exterior. For a truly Grecian feel, use Trident Blue or Island Sky for shutters on a crisp, white exterior. Create additional visual interest by planting luscious pink or red flowers close by.

Refreshing your shutters is an absolute win! Welcome a new color to your shutters, and they will welcome you home for years to come. 

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