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Stop Making This Painting Mistake Now

The most common painting mistake is usually the last one DIY painters remember. Think about it though. Painting doesn’t really start with painting, does it?

Prep for success

It’s the prep work that ultimately leads to a successful project! But somehow, this is the stage that most people tend to ignore. You’re not most people though, and you are going to save time and money by doing the proper pre-painting work.

Painting Mistakes

Imagine, then emote

Imagine the emotion you want the room to emote. Relaxing like a bedroom? Awakening like a kitchen? Fun like a living room? Specific colors will help you achieve these feelings, and you can use a tool like our color visualizer to pick the right shades for your DIY project.


Think beyond color

It starts when you choose the right paint for your room, not just the right color. A living room that gets a lot of use would benefit from a paint specially formulated to resist wear and cleaning. 

Make a plan and stick to it

Once you have the kind of paint you want, make a plan for the room and choose the color after you know what furniture and decorations will be inside of it. This way, you’ll have a beautifully curated room that looks professionally done, and you don’t even need new furniture!

Taking time early, saves time later

Once you have thought through all of these pre-painting steps, you will be ready to dive into the actual painting. You took the time to prepare properly, so performing the labor should be pretty straightforward. Since you approached your project with a great plan, you're all set up for a great DIY success. 

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