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The Best Off-White Paint Colors

Off-white paint is found on lots of walls. These paints are slightly tinted whites in a variety of shades, and their versatility makes them the third most popular of our 1000+ paint colors.


Glazed Pears

Glazed Pears is a great tone for any wall. This color pairs well with almost anything from blues to light coral colors, and looks great even when complemented with darker hues like Midnight Clover. Glazed Pears works with pretty much any style of decor you can throw at it so, whenever you change your home's color theme, you won’t need to change your paint color.


Bone White

Bone White makes a great main wall color. You can also use it on a ceiling to give your room a professional look. This off-white paint color even looks good on trim. Bone White looks great when accented with a bright white like Delicate White. It will never go out of style.

Making Off-White Work

Off-Whites will work on any interior wall, which is why they’re one of the most favorite color families. With off-whites, lighting is key to help make your wall color look its best. For colors like Glazed Pears and Bone White, soft interior lighting brings out the tan tones.

Off-whites work with either pale or bold colors - so you can’t go wrong!

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