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The Best White Paint Colors

White is white, right? Sterile, one-dimensional and devoid of color? Actually, no. Most white paint shades are tinted with color and undertones. We perceive color on more than one sensory level, meaning we feel color just as much as we see it. Here are four of the top white interior paint colors that will absolutely add dimension, color and a "feel" to any room.

Delicate White

This is a bright, winter-white with no undertones. Bright whites produce a kind of optical illusion, boosting visual contrast and creating vivid demarcation lines that draw the eye and make furnishings really stand out. Pair Delicate White with modern decor, a design style that in itself emphasizes crisp, clean geometric lines and angles. You can also use bright whites to highlight crown molding.

Oyster Cracker

Neither warm nor cool, this is a neutral shade with green undertones. Neutral whites are perfect for those wanting to let their furniture and decor do all the talking. They get along with everyone and clash with no one. It is this inherent neutrality that makes Oyster Cracker one of the best white interior paint colors. It not only allows for greater versatility in color schemes, but also remains viable after redecorating. 


This cool white has a blue-gray undertone. Cool whites have a physical presence, but it is a serene one. They whisper, while bright whites shout and neutral whites blend unobtrusively into the background. They are both tranquil and soothing. Cool whites balance out yellows, making Aria one of the top white interior paint colors for rooms with an abundance of sunlight. It is like sitting under an umbrella on a hot sunny day. 

Lotus Flower

With a lemon-yellow undertone, Lotus Flower is a warm white shade. Just as you would choose cool whites for rooms with plenty of sunlight, you should select warm whites for those that have less. Warm whites bring the sunshine with them, balancing out blue and adding light and dimension. They are also cozy and soft, evoking a feeling of comfort. Pair warm whites with soft, comfortable furnishings so that both the paint and the furniture in a room seem to welcome you each time you enter it. 

When choosing the best white interior paint colors, consider not only the available sunlight, color scheme and intended design style, but also how you would like the room to feel. The right shade of white can make the most out of any space. 

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