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Trendy Nursery Colors For Your New Little One

So you have a baby on the way and are thinking of different ways to decorate your nursery. Perhaps the biggest decision you’ll have to make is the paint color of this special space. The nursery color you choose will depend on the gender of the infant, your personal preference, furniture, and the style of your home. Let us help you prepare for your little one with our set of nursery color ideas.

Light Gray

This unusual color has been making its debut in all areas of the home lately. It can be especially effective in a nursery because there are so many accent colors that would look absolutely stunning with this tone. These could include dark gray, black, yellow, red, or even a teal blue, to be used in the linens, upholstery, curtains, and floor coverings. Both black and white furniture finishes would blend well with these nursery color combinations. 

Aqua Blue

This light, cheerful tone works well for both boys and girls. It also can be used for all ages with just a few tweaks to the furniture and accessories. A pristine white crib and rocking chair with white ruffled curtains would look fantastic with these walls. Add subtle touches of pink, lavender, light green, and/or pale yellow for even more impact and interest. 


The shade of green you select will depend greatly on the look you are trying to achieve. For bright and cheerful, try Slap Happy with bright yellow and orange accents. For soft and innocent, try May Apple with white, pale gold, or pale yellow touches. Rich brown furniture would assist in bringing out the tones and give the room a very solid and endearing look. 


This is definitely a gender neutral color. White eyelet linens and curtains and a woven pastel rug with touches of pink, aqua, pale yellow, and ivory would definitely complement the area. Ivory or white furniture would look right at home against this delicate backdrop. A floral theme would be especially appropriate. 

Teal Blue

For a truly dramatic look in nursery colors, paint the walls a deep teal blue. Offset this dark, rich color with a black crib and dresser, black and white fleur de lis or geometric patterned linens, and soft black curtains. These colors may sound very unusual, but the final effect can be very striking. 

Before making your final choice of nursery paint colors, be sure to order small paint samples and try them out in the actual room that it will be used in. Check to ensure that it matches other items that you may have already purchased and view how it looks during different times of the day. The colors for a baby's room may change with the weather or varied seasons, especially if there are several windows in the room. 

If you follow any one of these suggestions for nursery paint colors, you will be so pleased with the final results. Family and friends will admire all the loving care and tenderness that you put into this unique room for your new arrival. And remember these hints when the child gets older and needs a whole new look for the same room. All of these nursery colors can grow up with your child and still give the room a very special and personal appeal.

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