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What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom?

Q: What Color Should I Paint My Bathroom?

A: Choosing the right color for a bathroom can be tricky - but it doesn't have to be. When you're redecorating, especially in the bath, colors for bathrooms are significant for many reasons. You'll want to be relaxed and comfortable when spending time in the bath. It may sometimes be your hiding spot. Walls should match, or coordinate with adjoining rooms, such as the bedroom.

Veil of Dusk Bathroom Color

White is among the most used colors for painting bathrooms and often gets boring. Veil of Dusk, however, with a green tint, offers a spectacular range of uses with accessories, wallpaper, and other paint colors. Wallpaper a single wall in the bath in a theme with a green pattern. Add houseplants throughout to improve air quality and add a tropical feel. Small bathroom ideas include using a lighter tint or even a white wall to make the space feel bigger. Delicate curtains add serenity to this important room. You may often find peace and comfort after a short escape here at the end of a difficult day.

Maybe Mushroom Bathroom Color

Our Maybe Mushroom color is exceptional for painting bathrooms this season, especially those attached to blue, steel gray or white rooms. Blue, the color of water, may encourage you to soak longer and have a more refreshing experience in the tub. You'll want colors for painting bathrooms in a shade that does not show handprints readily, and that is easily washable. The pale bluish, purple hue of Maybe Mushroom meets these requirements and coordinates well with dark accessories, such as navy blue or dark purple towels. Other accessories might be flowered or geometric prints and designs for toothbrush holders and drinking glasses, as well as those in solid colors. The color is light enough that it does not make the room seem smaller. Color tinting allows one to choose the depth of hue desirable for a particular room.

Glistening Gray Bathroom Color

Glistening Gray, also with a purple tint is part of the purples collection, offering great bathroom ideas and color options. A darker gray or white may be used for trim work, allowing for bold color with towels, curtains and other accessories. Also, pristine with white accessories, you'll find Glistening Gray a great color to coordinate with wallpapered rooms with purple or blue patterns. Consider black accessories for a striking and modern contrasting accompaniment. Glistening Gray never makes the bathroom feel smaller, in fact, it may make your private space so comfortable you will find yourself escaping there more often.

Mexican Moonlight Bathroom Color

Mexican Moonlight, part of the Reds collections, offers colors for bathrooms that are less traditional than those previously discussed. Since red is an alert tone that keeps you moving, you might choose this shade for a children's bathroom in the hopes it will encourage them not to loiter and play in the water. You may use a different tint on a single wall or use wallpaper with brown or red designs. The Mexican Moonlight collection is one you could use for a bathroom in your business location.

Should you use this color in the home, keep it lightly tinted for small bathrooms and leave the space uncluttered for a more spacious feel. Also effective with white accessories and lacy curtains for the windows and the shower.

Imagine bathroom colors and bathroom ideas that are different from the norm. Coordinate and contrast, using ideas from Pinterest, decorating magazines or those you've seen in reality.

Painting and redecorating the bathroom can be a challenging project. Once you're past the planning stage, the work may seem minor. Perhaps you want something that won't easily show dirt from little fingers and may choose a textured design. Maybe you're looking for small bathroom ideas and colors.

Consider these perfect shades of interesting colors, trending this season with tints and hues that make them uniquely your own. Update this most important room in your home. Often a fun and a stimulating chore, a redo of the bathroom will last for years. Get it out of the way early in the season. You'll have that feeling of accomplishment and go on to enjoy the fun things the spring season has to offer. 
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