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What Do You Do With Mildew On A Surface When Painting?

Glidden Team: 
What should you do if there is mildew on a surface you plan to paint? 

Associate Director of R&D and PPG Paint Specialist:  
Mildew is a surface problem that takes the form of black, gray or brown spots on paint and other surfaces, particularly in damp, shady areas. Mildew is caused by warm, humid conditions, poor air circulation and little direct sunlight, like under eaves or overhangs. Shrubbery planted too close to a building is an ideal place for mildew to grow. 

Mildew must be removed before painting or it will come through the new paint. Remove all mildew before painting by scrubbing with a solution of household bleach and water. Mix 1 part bleach to 3 parts water, and remember to rinse the surface thoroughly with a garden hose after washing. (Power washing is recommended for larger areas.) Always wear appropriate safety equipment (rubber gloves and eye protection) when using this solution, and protect your shrubbery and plants with plastic sheeting. 

After getting rid of all mildew, priming before painting will provide better adhesion, sheen uniformity, and durability for your top coat. Finish your project with a quality exterior paint that provides a mildew resistant finish to help prevent the development of mildew in the future. You can also combine the two steps of priming and painting by using one of Glidden's Exterior Paint + Primer products.

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As always, please refer to the Product Label, Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet for safety and detailed application instructions.

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