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One of Our Top Colors

Instead of announcing our own Color of the Year, Glidden® is here to recommend one of our most tinted, easy-to-use colors - Whirlwind.  If you are stumped on what color to pick for your paint project, or if you are looking for a popular paint color that you can’t go wrong with, Whirlwind is the color for you.  Glidden is here to simplify the color selection process and help you get rolling today on your next paint project.  

About Whirlwind

A reliable gray with a hint of blue, Whirlwind is a sure-fire neutral that works as a good anchor point for an entire room, especially ones that receive a lot of sunlight.

Whirlwind is also an excellent choice for the outside of a home. Its cool tone works as a nice accent against a stone exterior.

Spend less time stressing about color choose and get to “Done” faster by picking Whirlwind for your next paint project.

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