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Color Coach

The Glidden® Color Coach is an online chatbot and your personal, automated paint-picking helper that provides custom color recommendations based on your project. So basically, a robot can pick your paint color for you! 
Here’s how it works:

Whether you’re on the couch (no judgement) or in the store staring at the wall of paint swatches, you can launch and use the Glidden Color Coach

Let our color coach know which room you’d like to paint – it has you covered on everything from bedrooms to nurseries and even exterior.

The color coach will ask you which color family you have in mind and based on your choice will show you the four to six most popular Glidden paint shades in that family, as well as a picture of the shade in that type of room! You can also explore similar and coordinating colors based on your selection, and even order the paint right from your phone within minutes. 

The Glidden Color Coach knows more about the paint colors than any human. Narrow down your color choice with confidence because the sooner you start, the sooner you finish.

To start a chat about color choices, just click here.

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Glidden Color Coach