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Making Over My Parlor Bathroom - Bathroom Color Ideas

DIY Blogger Stefanie Schiada of Brooklyn Limestone shows Glidden® how much you can do with even the smallest of spaces.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes of standing in my original parlor bathroom to know this was going to be the most dramatic room transformation in the house. It could have easily doubled for a horror movie set! 

Even without its mysterious wall smears and Pepto-pink tiles, the room had some issues. Namely its complete lack of natural light, which is always a challenge when selecting a bathroom paint color scheme. We were also “stealing” a few feet from the room to give to the kitchen next door so it was going to feel even more closed in. 

I was inspired by the old tile work found in New York City’s most notorious subterranean spaces—its subways—and went from there. I started with a claw foot tub from another bathroom and paired that with new white fixtures, Carrara marble tiles and polished nickel hardware for a little sparkle. 


Finally it was time for paint. The room was small and dark, so what color would work best? A clean white would have been too sterile but something too dark might have made it seem too dank.

After a bit of testing, I went with soft green gray that added a tiny accent color to the gray and white scheme without being overwhelming. It created just the tone for the room that I was dreaming of. 

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