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Choosing a Color Palette for my Bedroom

DIY Blogger Stefanie Schiada of Brooklyn Limestone tells Glidden® how even a designer’s project can suffer from perfection paralysis.


While it seemed to take ages to get my master bedroom looking presentable, the wall color was one of the easier choices for me. I knew I wanted something soft and soothing but not beige, white or pastel.
At this point we had no furniture to speak of, so I had limitless choices—but sea blues and greens came to mind immediately.

After several test shades, I selected a grayed-out sea green that changes beautifully with the light.

It would seem that after the paint was selected it would be easy to piece the rest of the space together, but I was wrong. It took me two years to focus on this space, and I finally decided to bring in a yellow color to the fireplace surround (which was original to the house and something we didn’t want to change) to pair with the sea green walls and cream trim. After I committed to the color palette, I got to work pairing some of my favorite vintage pieces with my own artwork, bright pillows and neutral bedding.

Finally, a room I can be proud to close my eyes in every night.


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