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How to Paint a Bedroom for a Makeover that Really Counts

DIY Blogger Stefanie Schiada of Brooklyn Limestone tells Glidden® how going bold made all the difference in a room ready for some change.

When I think of a room makeover, I tend to hear cash register cha-chings and envision months of slow progress. Thankfully there is one kind of makeover that is perfect for budget-conscious instant gratification junkies like me. I’m talking about the makeover that can happen with a little paint and a bold color choice.


Take this bedroom that has been sitting mostly untouched for years now. While the color was certainly fine as it was, it was feeling a bit dull. Finally, I had vacillated enough—I decided to totally change the feel of the space with a deep navy blue in place of the beige.

It’s definitely a risk to go dark. Even with nice big test swatches, you never know how a color will read until it’s up on the walls. With the extra richness of a dark color, a bit of uncertainty is almost guaranteed.

Knowing I could always paint over it if it wasn’t right, I forged ahead and selected Glidden’s Annapolis Blue.

It doesn’t matter how many times I paint a room, I always feel a bit of nervous energy as the color rolls on and dries. I’ll run back and check it a few times too many to see how it’s drying, second guessing my choices all the way.

Eight hours and one gallon of paint later, it was time for the big reveal. The furniture was loaded back into the room and accessories added. The blue was the perfect shade coupled with the light furniture and looked exactly as I had hoped.


While the room certainly could use a few more tweaks before I call it finished, the paint made all the difference in the transformation.

So if you are on the fence about going with something dark and moody, let me be your enabler—go for it!

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