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Serene Bedroom Paint Colors

The emotion most people want to feel when they enter their bedroom is relaxation, and when considering their walls they seek serene bedroom paint colors. Creating a calm and restful space can be done by layering textiles and surrounding yourself with your favorite things, but the paint on the walls plays a major role as well. gray colors & light blue paint colors can have a dramatic impact on the mood of the room.

Master Bedroom

Recently I redecorated a master bedroom. I find the color so soothing; it’s the perfect backdrop for a room that’s devoted to rest and relaxation.

Inspiration for your bedroom wall color can come from anywhere. For my room, I wanted a soft grey green with a yellow undertone that’s very subtle and creates warmth.

Sample Plenty of Colors

To get your paint color just right, it’s imperative to try out samples on the wall in different parts of the room since the light changes throughout the day. 

TIP: I always initial the paint sample squares on the wall with their names so I can remember which is which!
In this case, I was most drawn to Glidden’s Quiet Light, since it was a muted shade. The other colors were too minty or dark for the mood of this space. Quiet Light is an older color; Maybe Mushroom is a close match from the current palette.

Consider Textiles

It’s also important to consider the textiles you’ll be using in the space, such as bedding, accent pillows, window panels and rugs. Gather them early in the decorating process and it’s easy to choose a paint color inspired by the patterns and colors that will be present in the fabrics layered around the room. 

Neutrals, blues, greens, gray colors, or any pastel with gray undertones, will guarantee serenity in a bedroom space.

Consider these paint colors for your next room makeover!

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