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Dining Room Paint Colors: Going Yellow

DIY Blogger Michael Wurm Jr of Inspired by Charm tells Glidden® how to bring the beautiful details of an old home to life through color.


For as long as I can remember (before I ever owned a house), I knew that I wanted bright and happy dining room paint colors. I was always attracted to the combination of orange and green, two of my favorite colors. So when I was deciding on my dining room paint colors, I knew they would be the perfect choice.
Inspiration hit when I stumbled across an ambiguous floral/zebra green print fabric. Once I had this in hand, I knew that my walls needed to be a sunny golden yellow. To my surprise, the combination was perfect! My house was constructed in 1917, and as I paint rooms throughout the house, I have found that neutral colors, especially warm grays, seem to work the best. These colors allow the architecture and the character of the home to shine. Needless to say, I was happy to find that the cheerful and sunny color of my “bright-and-happy-dining-room” dreams worked perfectly!


Because my home was built almost a century ago, it has the gorgeous molding that was the style back then. When I bought the house, most of the molding was painted a cream color. A few coats of bright white paint really brought the space to life, giving it a clean and more contemporary feel. The white molding and yellow walls are the perfect combination for dining room paint colors.


A few unique and colorful accessories and furnishings complete the space and tie everything together. I love when a vision becomes reality. It also gives me the courage I need to play with other vibrant colors throughout my home. I think sometimes it’s essential to get color on the wall to see how sensational it can really be!


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