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How To Decorate A Spring Dining Room

DIY Blogger Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room tells Glidden® how to coordinate your room with the season through pops of color and great accessories.


It’s spring, and that means it is a great time for lightening and brightening up your home! A really fun way to bring the sunshine inside is to use pops of color to decorate a spring dining room. Now, I’m not suggesting that you repaint your walls bright yellow or sky blue. Let me share with you a versatile way I like to decorate for all seasons. I love to decorate with color, but I’ve found its quite easy make a colorful transition from season to season with a neutral wall paint color.

Choosing Atrium White

In my own dining room, I chose white for the walls (for a similar look, try Glidden paint’s Atrium White). While white might seem like a boring choice for a spring dining room, I find it allows me the most creative flexibility. I own my home and could choose any paint color I wanted to, but I decided that white walls flow effortlessly from season to season and offer me the opportunity to change my decor or color scheme as often as I like!


I love to add lively color and fun playful pattern in spring. I enjoy decorating the spring dining room table and buffet server by “shopping” for accessories from around the house and playing up color around the room with brightly colored lamps, fun dishes and seasonal plants or flowers. With the white backdrop, I’m not locked into any paint color scheme, nor do I have to repaint the walls to change the mood of the room. I can choose any accessories I want on a whim and colors will pop out to make just the right seasonal statement.

How do you decorate your spring dining room?
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