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How to Decorate Your Dining Room For The Holiday

The dining room is the center of attention during for any get-together, so let’s make it shine. Glidden® asked the experts about their favorite ways to add polish and sparkle so it’s ready for guests during the holiday season. 

Fresh Paint
“I store leftover paint in glass jars and always have a few foam brushes on hand so that I can touch up the paint in my dining room. That way my family can focus on each other instead of the dings on my walls.” – Lindsay Ballard of Makely School for Girls 

“Matchy-matchy dining sets are out, and beautiful wood tables paired with painted chairs are in. Adding a fresh coat of paint in a fall hue to your dining chairs will make you fall in love with your dining room all over again. Don’t have time to paint all of your chairs? Refresh and create more seating by adding a freshly painted bench to your dining room. It can be as simple as adding a new coat of paint to a bench used in another room, or building a simple wood bench and painting it in a vibrant fall hue. Your dining room will look and feel like you do with a brand new pair of colorful shoes on.” – Ana White of  

Table Arrangements
“Act naturally! Gather your tablescape materials from the great outdoors, and include mini pumpkins or branches with fall-colored leaves. For an added bit of shimmer, paint the shells of walnuts in a golden glaze, or dip the edges of pinecones in glue, sprinkle them with glitter, and use them as place cards. Pair your natural elements with some pretty candles and your classic dinnerware and you’ll have the perfect seasonal table to be thankful for.” – Kate Riley of Centsational Girl 

“One of the easiest and cheapest ways to bring some life into your dining room is to bring the outdoors in. Anything from fresh flowers, twigs from your backyard to fallen acorns can make for beautiful decorative accents perfect for your turkey day.” – Stefanie Schiada of Brooklyn Limestone  

“Slipcovers are a simple way to update a traditional table and chairs for the holidays. They break up a room filled with wood and give the table a fresh and modern appeal. If you can’t sew, buy inexpensive pillowcases in your desired color and slip over the back of each chair. Tie a pretty ribbon around the bottom as a festive accent.” – Diane Henkler of 

“I love a fall centerpiece made up of natural elements like gourds, pine cones, and acorns, set over something textural like a burlap runner. If you have other display space in the room (like a buffet or hutch), bring some of the same decorations over to that surface as well for a unified and updated look.” – Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely  

Here’s to a colorful, and happy, holiday season!

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