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Why I Love Neutral Dining Room Walls

DIY Blogger Ana White of Ana-White.com shows Glidden® how white dining room walls can inspire you to transform the room for many uses.


I love colorful walls in a dining room. I’ve seen dining rooms in a wide range of colors. And there is no wrong color, only the right color for you. But the walls in my dining room are not a bold color. They are a bland shade of off-white, as vanilla as can be.

Color Fear?

I have also added frames and ledges in off-the-shelf white. Am I afraid of color? The truth is I actually love color. I love color so much, I chose a simple, white backdrop so that I can transform my dining room quickly and easily throughout the seasons and celebrations.


Once, I even built a few simple benches and painted them bright pink. Then I added a bright pink chair and filled the white frames with paper doll outfits. And just like that, my very plain dining room became the perfect princess tea party venue.


White Paint Versatility

The white walls go well with most any shade of green. I used this secretary desk as a workspace in my dining room for a while.


Always a fan of yellow, the white walls also go well with my recycling center.


And even a vintage blue works well with the neutral walls.


If your dining room has to wear a lot of hats — going from a turkey dinner to Christmas morning to a New Year’s bash to a romantic Valentine’s dinner, all in just a few months — consider keeping your walls and main furnishings neutral in color. Then you can bring different seasons and celebrations in by adding elements in different colors.

My dining room is white because I love color too much to commit to any one color!

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