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Colorful Living Room Makeover

Are you addicted to vibrant pops of color and bright accent accessories?  DIY Blogger Michael Wurm Jr of Inspired by Charm tells Glidden® how using neutral walls with a touch of color can provide a clean palette that allows you to mix, match and explore décor!


A little over a year ago, I decided a change of career was in order. I went from running a successful bed & breakfast and gift shop to becoming a full-time blogger and writer. With this transition, I turned what used to be my shop into an office/living room. I’ve shared my office space here before, so today I wanted to show you my colorful living room makeover.


Above is the before picture. As you can see, I started off with a pretty raw space. When planning the details of the makeover, I knew that I wanted a pretty neutral background. To make it bright without going completely white, I decided to paint most of the walls a light, cool grey. Then on one large feature wall I added a little more color — a very soft and almost neutral mint green. 


To make this the colorful living room makeover everything I wanted it to be, I brought in tons of color and pattern with my accessories. Bright pillows, colorful lamps, and a bold patterned rug liven up this area. I even used paint to create some DIY artwork for my soft mint green feature wall.


While greys and other neutral colors may seem boring to some, these colors really allow me to have fun with the furnishings and accessories. Since I work in this space, I tend to tire of design elements more quickly than most. This neutral backdrop lets me easily swap out decorative items to keep the space feeling fresh and new. These accessories and furnishings are staying for now though—they allowed me to create the colorful living room I’ve always wanted.


This living room makeover was just the thing to inspire and complement my fun, new career change. How have you embraced color in your space?.

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