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Goodbye Builder-Beige Living Room

DIY Blogger Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room tells Glidden® to shed your builder-beige and breathe life into your underutilized spaces.

When we first moved into our brand new house, one of the things I really wanted to change was the color of our walls. They were what many people call “boring builder-beige.” The flat, dry paint was on every single wall throughout my 2,500 square foot house!


Recently, we decided that our living room was no longer needed as a traditional living room. We envisioned the best use of this room as more of a gathering area for guests as they come and go from our house, as well an open space where we could add an extra dining table for dinner parties. We removed most of the furniture and freshened up the look with new hardwood floors, a colorful round rug, and a console table.


The formerly beige walls are now a warm gray, which beautifully accents the white trim on our windows and stairway and gives the room a cozy, classic-but-still-modern vibe. The gray walls really pull our room together and serve as the perfect warm neutral backdrop for our furniture.

Have you ever thought of using gray instead of builder-beige? For a similar look, try Glidden® Simmering Smoke!

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