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Bathroom Wall Colors You Will Love

Choosing bathroom wall colors can be tricky. Because bathrooms are usually small, their color schemes receive closeup views, and their colors seem more intense than they appear in bigger rooms. Both factors contribute to the effects that bathroom colors create stylistically and emotionally.

Four versatile bathroom wall colors to consider are Maybe Mushroom, Glistening Gray, White Sage and Mexican Moonlight. Each of them has a different character and offers different options for bathroom ideas.

Bathroom Wall Paint Colors

Maybe Mushroom 

A subtle beige with a hint of purple, Maybe Mushroom provides a calm and cozy atmosphere when used as a bathroom wall color. Blending with an array of colors, the neutral, light hue enhances many large and small bathroom ideas. It highlights, or complements, various colors, including off-white and medium beige. It also pairs well with bright white, dark brown, black, light blue, dark blue and shades of gray, purple, red, pink, yellow, orange and green.

Maybe Mushroom is among the red family of colors. Reds are associated with romance, energy and self-confidence. Like other beige colors for bathrooms, Maybe Mushroom has soothing qualities. Its effect endures whether it is on bathroom walls, cabinets, trim or accent items in large or small bathrooms. Because it is a light hue, however, its use on the walls of small bathrooms can make those rooms seem larger, which establishes it as an ideal paint for small bathroom ideas. Gray

Between light and dark in intensity, Glistening Gray offers warmth and depth through its purplish cast. Neutral grays such as it are among the popular modern bathroom wall colors, in part because they blend with so many colors. Glistening Gray's complementary hues include purplish and bluish off-whites, light and medium beiges and grayish medium browns. It also works well with grays lighter than it, such as silver, and grays darker than it. Additional colors it highlights are bright white, black, blues, purples, yellows, oranges, greens, light pinks and dark reds, such as maroon.

Glistening Gray is in the purple group of colors because of its purplish nature. Purple is associated with spirituality, compassion and royalty. Grays represent stability, long life and good judgment. Glistening Gray can be a bathroom's main color or a secondary shade that highlights the main bathroom colors.

White Sage

With its slightly greenish tint, White Sage is a soothing color that fits into many bathroom ideas. The muted hue is on the light side but leans toward a medium intensity. A neutral tone, it has a variety of complementary colors, including off-whites that are grayish, purplish or pinkish. It also complements light green or sage, dark gray and black. Pairing attractively with beiges and other browns, it works as well with yellows, bright white and dark blues.

White Sage is in the green family of colors. Greens are associated with nature, life, healing and renewal. Like other light greens, White Sage is calming, and it creates a serene setting when covering bathroom walls and cabinetry. When it is on small items surrounded by lighter and darker colors, it is an effective accent.

Mexican Moonlight

A soft pink, Mexican Moonlight adds warm pizzazz to bathrooms. Its medium intensity allows it to stand out in small and large spaces. The welcoming hue complements silvery off-whites, medium beiges, light pinkish purples, pinkish reds and pinks that are lighter or darker than it. Mexican Moonlight also highlights bright white, pastel blues, browns, black and grays, particularly light and dark grays. Its combination with greens creates contrasts that are common in flowering plants. 

Mexican Moonlight is in the red color group because it is pink. Reds are stimulating hues that promote energy, confidence and romantic pursuits. Pinks are associated with love, calmness, gentleness and femininity. Mexican Moonlight is an eye-catching accent color on small bathroom items, and it provides a cozy, inviting atmosphere when used on bathroom walls, cabinets or trim.

The colors for painting bathrooms are numerous. As you consider colors to use for your bathroom ideas, imagine how each shade will look stylistically in the room and which emotional atmosphere it will create. Light paint colors usually work best in small bathrooms because they make the rooms seem larger. Even in tiny bathrooms, however, medium and dark paints are striking accent colors among light hues. Consider your plan's overall color scheme, including how different paint shades blend or contrast with the existing bathroom colors that you will not change. Maybe Mushroom, Glistening Gray, White Sage or Mexican Moonlight may be the paint color that creates the stylistic and emotional effect you desire for your bathroom.

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