Bedroom Ideas for Every Member of the Family - Home Decorating & Painting Advice

Bedroom Ideas for Every Member of the Family

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas - Using Color

Before you pick out bedroom paint colors to create that perfect relaxing retreat or bold kid's room, you need to start by prepping the room. Clear out furniture and clutter to avoid a mess. Take down your wall decor. Remove wall hangers and screws. You also will need to remove light switch plates. Dust your walls with a rag or towel, and don't skip the corners and ceiling. Next, wash the walls with a mix of warm water and mild dish soap. Give the walls time to dry. Once your walls are dry, caulk and fill holes with putty. Sand over any rough spots with sandpaper. Once you have prepared your walls for paint, it's time to start searching for bedroom paint ideas.

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas -  Cool Neutrals Create a Relaxing Retreat

You can use bedroom paint colors to create a variety of looks. Cool neutral paint colors for bedrooms can create the ambiance of a spa. Elemental is a cool light gray that will make a small bedroom feel larger. Use the darker gray Improbable behind your bed to create an accent wall. Paint your baseboards Delicate White, our most popular white, to give your room a complete refresh. The neutral grays in the room pair well with linens in cooler plum tones.

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas -  Let Teens Set the Tone

Do you have a teen whose style changes with the seasons? You need bedroom paint colors that can change with her evolving style. Muslin White is great for the girl who loves a contemporary, glamorous look. Swan White is another excellent option for trim or for the walls. Hang LED lights and bold artwork to bring in colors. Maybe your teen's ideas for bedrooms are more bright and colorful. If so, try one of our most popular reds, like Red Gumball, with Delicate White trim. Looking for something not as bright? Try Belgian Waffle. This shade of yellow with a hint a beige will give your teen's room an extra dose of sunshine.

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas - Baby, You Look Great!

If you're getting ready for a new addition to your family, you'll want to choose the right paint colors to create a soothing space for you and your baby. Look beyond candy pink and baby blue to the rest of the rainbow for inspiration. Horseradish is an off-white with a touch of yellow that will make smaller rooms feel larger. Use Delicate White or Swan White as a complementary trim color. If you like green shades with a touch of gray, try Touch of Lime or it's slightly darker complementary shade, Light Sage. Use Horseradish as an accent color.

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas - Ocean Emotion

Maybe your ideas for bedrooms include a guest room with a beach theme. There are many paint colors for bedrooms that can create that tropical feel. Teal bedroom colors mix varying amounts of blue and green. If you prefer a paint color with more blue tones, try a lighter shade like Breathless or Surf's Up. For a bold, blue accent wall, use Mediterranean Blue. Complete the look with coral throw pillow and Delicate White baseboards. If you prefer green shades of teal, try painting your walls Cascade, a light blue-green. If you want a brighter color, try Grecian Isle or Isle Royale.


Bedroom Paint Color Ideas - Choose the Perfect Finish

If you need more bedroom paint ideas, experiment with choosing lighter or darker shades than the ones mentioned above. You also can experiment with the paint sheen. Satin paints are best for high-traffic areas and walls with no imperfections. Flat paint is easier to apply and hides imperfections better. If you want to make a dark space feel brighter, you may want to buy glossy paint. Eggshell finishes give you the best of both worlds: They provide more depth and are easier to clean. If you really want to experiment, try using glossy paint on the trim and doors and flat paint on the walls. 

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