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Choosing Front Door Colors: Helpful Tips

How to Choose a Front Door Color That Is Perfect for Your Home

Painting your front door can really give the entrance to your home the facelift it needs. It can also make it seem as though you bought a brand new door, when in fact you haven't.

Choosing Front Door Colors - Green, Also Known as Catnip

A popular paint color for front doors, Catnip or some shade of green goes with any house that is white, tan, beige, brown, yellow, or red. Some houses in some shades of blue may work well with certain shades of green doors, but you have to pair it just right. Green doors work well with brick homes too because the green gives the brick facade a pop of unexpected color. Green doors are inviting and pleasant to see, and this color has long been associated with calm, soothing feelings. 

Choosing Front Door Colors - Red, or Apple a Day

Deep apple reds are popular colors for front doors because red is such an unexpected color for an entrance. Your house could be the most drab color on the block, but that red door immediately grabs people's attention. If it is the only red door on the block, then you can easily direct first-time visitors to the house with the red door and they will find you. Reds are also nice because you can't see dirt on them very well. Paint your front door Apple a Day red if your house is any shade of gray, white, cream, tan, beige, or brown.

Choosing Front Door Colors - Blues: Country House Blue, Chinese Porcelain or Daring Indigo

Blue paint color can be as calming as green. Country House Blue looks best with soft blue, white, or gray houses. Chinese Porcelain blue is deep and rich, and looks amazing on a bright white or pale gray home. Daring Indigo blue jumps out at you as much as any red door would, but with a calmer sense to the color. Use Indigo Blue on darker colored homes, typically medium to dark gray or dark brown homes. Any blue door can be striking on a cream-colored home too.

Choosing Front Door Colors - Cream Puff

A cream color paint like Cream Puff puts a touch of elegance to a door. It is not as stark as white, but it makes an impact on a home's appearance if the rest of the house is a darker color. It also lends itself well to a darker accent color, if you so choose.

Choosing Front Door Colors - Not Sure If a Color Is Right?

It's sometimes difficult to pick just the right color. If you can narrow it down to a color family (i.e., blues or reds), then you can select a couple of front door paint colors from that color family to test. You will paint small patches on your door with the sample colors and then stand back to see if you like any of your chosen colors for front doors. Whatever stands out to you, that's the color you should pick!

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